Firstly I want to shout out to Doug Mahugh and his article which inspired this one. All I have done is implement his solution in Powershell so I can include it as part of a startup script for immutable VMs.

I won’t cover too much of what Doug covered but…

Windows Patch


Whilst I am a huge fan of short lived, immutable VMs with system state turned over to managed services like Cloud SQL, sometimes this simply isn’t practical or possible.

In these situations we are often left with long running, stateful instances that require the same sort of maintenance as ‘traditional’…

When recently working on a customer environment I was looking at ways to improve the startup time of their Windows Application servers. Their sophisticated Powershell startup script was taking about 15–20 minutes to execute fully and involved installing IIS, Azure DevOps & Stackdriver agents and the specialist application software. It…

Alistair Grew

I am a GCP Platform Engineer based in the UK. Thoughts here are my own and don’t necessarily represent my employer.

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